We’ve had everyone from Physicians to Business Coaches to Elite Athletes use these methods to catapult their careers and provide unprecedented success for their clients, patients and themselves.

“I’ve been practising medicine for over 20 years, but as of now in 2015, 40 – 50% of my practice is Accelerated Evolution – dealing with the emotional component of disease… ”

— Dr. Juan Baez, MD Infectious Disease Specialist

“Not only did I become more stable, solid and have peace of mind and be able to solve problems in my personal life, I was able to take that into my business. [In my business] I am able to work with people at a whole different level. We realized we could solve problems… anxieties… in a more collaborative, supportive way.”

— Cynthia Davis, Executive Business Coach Founder & CEO of What’s Next Now

“I’ve learned to tap into the wisdom once blocked by negative experiences, low self worth, rejection, and past traumas. Now, being able to source everything within, I have accelerated my business and doubled my annual income…”

— Jordan Birch, Executive Advisor

“At the heart of every physician is the desire to ease suffering and serve humanity, the Accelerated Evolution processes complement the pills and procedures and bring the physician and patient to a place of true inner healing and this potential is unlimited in its possibilities.”

— Dr. Amy Freeth, Attending Physician, Endocrinology Specialist