Accelerated Evolution is a verbally guided experience that dynamically trains the way your brain processes your mental & emotional reactions to unsatisfactory situations.

Accelerated Evolution combines powerful, cutting edge, transformational techniques into a powerful set of processes that can be utilized to eliminate almost ANY emotional or mental problem fast and fully, and the results are long lasting.

Accelerated Evolution was created by distilling and synthesizing the most highly effective methods in therapy, cognitive research, human potential and perennial wisdom. These precisely guided, emotional medicine protocols are ultra effective and simple in relieving mental & emotional stress.

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1465931211-1767754-482x400-3parts-Converted2We set out with a mission to help people change and enhance their lives, quickly. If you’ve been looking to make change in your life and help others in the process, you are in the right place.

We are looking for a handful of people prepared to be the world leaders in creating change. Our curriculum draws on cutting edge psychology, brain science, human potential and spirituality.

After coaching 1000’s of clients and students from over 5 countries in the past 6 years, we are proud to be at the cutting edge of a new breed of health coaches and professionals who are changing the planet one person at a time.

It’s Not About Changing Habits. It’s About Changing Lives..

In addition to helping relieve mental & emotional stresses, Accelerated Evolution techniques can be used as a powerful self fulfillment tool. Specific processes uncover the masks that shroud your True Self and help you express your authentic Self beyond past conditioning and societal imprints.


As well, using a different process, Accelerated Evolution will help you actually feel that you can do what any of your greatest icons have achieved and beyond.  Wish you had some of the traits of James Bond?  This process will allow you to feel as if you were in James Bond’s shoes. Or walk, talk and embody the positive traits of any persona that you admire.

Although it’s simple in theory to learn, we strongly recommend that you receive a Accelerated Evolution session only from a fully trained & certified Accelerated Evolution practitioner so that you can receive the full benefits of all facets of this method.


It works like this. See, there are two aspects of any problem…

plus what the actual circumstance is

plus how it makes you feel

Circumstances are just occurrences or situations, they are neither good nor bad. It is you who decides if they are good or bad. Unhappiness, stress and struggle happens when there is negative emotional and mental “charge” regarding any circumstance. When that “charge” is integrated, the negative feelings dissolve and you evolve. And that’s exactly what the processes of Accelerated Evolution are designed to do, integrate the “charge” or negative emotion that you feel regarding a circumstance or situation.  


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Learn to evaluate all other methods of healing, personal growth and coaching and be able to immediately determine their value to you or your clients
Resolve and release the emotional content and charge around any business, relationship or life issues, allowing for freedom power and full choice in the moment.

A process to access and stabilize any state of being in yourself or your clients to move powerfully in the world
You’ll learn to facilitate our Kensho experience, so that your clients are automatically guaranteed to be looking at any problem or challenge from a higher level of thinking.
You’ll learn to facilitate our Kensho experience, so that your clients are automatically guaranteed to be looking at any problem or challenge from a higher level of thinking.