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The Accelerated Evolution Coaching Training trains you to smoothly produce astonishingly powerful, quick, lasting breakthrough transformations in clients (without struggle or difficulty).

Since the age of 13, I’ve spent over 35 years in personal development as both a student and teacher.

In that time, I’ve been devoted to finding the fastest and most direct ways to experience growth, healing and access to lasting personal power available.

We’ve had everyone from Physicians to Business Coaches to Elite Athletes use these methods to catapult their careers and provide unprecedented success for their clients, patients and themselves.



Healthcare Professionals

Do You Ever…

Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is a choice.  Every illness is a gift in disguise.  Every pain, emotional knot or problem carries within it a positive intention.

You KNOW this as truth whether you are the doctor healing or the patient suffering. Accelerated Evolution moves the patient past emotional resistance to discover and find freedom, wisdom and healing in the reality of life’s hidden gifts.!

The Accelerated Evolution methods show you how to chart the exact route to enlightenment through illness, suffering, or ANY emotional or spiritual problem.

Experience it yourself.

Resistance, anger, despair – these emotional states hinder healing – and even though they may seem powerful in the moment –  even if they represent a engrained lifelong habit –  Accelerated Evolution methods allow you to help your patients and clients peacefully and easily dissolve them.

What seemed impossible suddenly becomes fact – and your patients and clients become liberated to deal with challenges free of unnecessary and complicating emotional stress, chaos and turmoil.

You already know that patients and clients often block their own healing, despite your best efforts.  The Accelerated Evolution techniques provide you that final tool to help your clients unravel their own blockages, so that you can do the work you are so capable of doing, unimpeded.

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Do You Ever…

95% of business problems are mindset constrictions, not marketing or execution problems… Executives who feel stuck feel elation and freedom, when you – with the Accelerated Evolution techniques – help them remove those crippling inner obstacles that they might have even realized were burdening them.  And within minutes!

Especially if it’s costing them a lot of money to stay stuck!
In fact, most will pay you double or triple to do so! Wouldn’t you?

With the Accelerated Evolution tools in your arsenal, you can speed REAL change for your clients… and enjoy the status of being in the top 1% of respected and paid business coaches and consultants in the industry.

 These tools, combined with your unique wisdom, will instantly make you stand out as a powerful leader among leaders… because now you will be able to transform obstacles NOW, not in months or years.

Set yourself apart from the rest.

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You’ve probably got all kinds of efficiency, productivity, marketing, leadership and decision-making tools in your Coaching Toolbox.

But what happens when you hit a deeply-rooted internal mindset block with a client.  You know – that kind of belief or mind-habit that stubbornly holds on, despite your training.

The Accelerated Evolution are unprecedented in helping experts like you gently and seemingly effortlessly lead even your most stubborn and resistant clients into dissolving and releasing what is crippling their greater success.  They will feel as if you did  “magic” on them, while what you are really doing is “midwifing” their own inner work.

These techniques will distinguish you as among the top 1% of Effective CHANGE-Makers in the world – and will skyrocket your reputation, your rates and your desirability as a leading executive coach.

Mind-habits  harden like barnacles on the brain.  They become comforting in their familiarity, even if they slow our progress or restrain our growth or success.

The wrong approach is to oppose these habits, because they only dig in deeper.

The right approach to transform them is Accelerated Evolution, whose techniques work with the obstacles, to either allow the client to dissolve them effortlessly through a dialectic process, or to so immerse them in a context of love and acceptance, that they lose their charge forever.

What feels like magic to your client is simply a disciplined Accelerated Evolution process for you.

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Do You Ever…

There is the easy way that leads to the hard way – which is what most life coaches do.

And the Accelerated Evolution way that leads to the easy way.

True awakening for you and your clients does not have to take years.  Accelerated Evolution gives you the tools to relax and jump your clients into higher and higher levels of success, wealth and freedom – leapfrogging their competitors.

For example, our “Kensho” technique quickly dials into a person’s essential and unfettered self, and they can wake up to their truest essence, their core of personal power sourced in the deepest universal truths… in less than 60 minutes!

Imagine how grateful they will be – and imagine how much further you can move them into success and freedom.  Every client will become your walking business card.

The secret here is the seeming effortlessness of the Accelerated Evolution system.  The chaotic seeking-impulse finally relaxes, and your clients will ease organically into the power of their true nature. 

Their success will astonish them – and their colleagues.

That is only one way that Acclerated Evolution will quickly and publically up-level your impact and prominence in your field so that you too will stand at the top 1%.

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Experience it yourself! And then share the wealth with your clients.

Then, traditionally you know that for a person to experience a real awakening of who they are usually takes long periods of time, even when working with Zen Masters.

We have a process in Accelerated Evolution called “Kensho” that quickly dials into a person’s essential and unfettered self where they wake up to their truest essence and the deepest universal truths… in less than 60 minutes!!!

Most people live within layers of shells – protective armor and false selves taken on over the years to create an illusion of safety.


You know, as a professional, that you are in best service to your clients when you have the tools to help them drop those shells, those masks, those encumbrances – so that they can finally experience their true essence, their core authentic power, unblurred, raw and clear.


Accelerated Evolution techniques will give you the ability to help your clients quickly resolve false dualities, drop false identities, release unnecessary emotional charges and blocks and – finally – come to a clear, clean place of wholeness.

Which is that place from which they can operate at their full, untrammeled power.

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What Other Thought Leaders Are Sharing About Satyen
& Accelerated Evolution Trainings

“…To those of you who are doctors & have been yearning to provide REAL and fast healing for your clients… Accelerated Evolution is the missing piece…”
Dr. Gabor Maté, MD, Speaker; Best Selling Author – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts; Faculty of Criminology, Simon Fraser University
“…As someone who has tried almost everything but surgery for a 5 year old back injury…in 30 minutes the Accelerated Evolution Process helped completely cure shooting nerve pain…”
Joe Williams, Founder / Creative Performance Group, International, Tony Robbins International
“…[Satyen Raja’s] wealth of knowledge, his clarity of mind and his open heart will lift your life to places you have not yet dreamed of….”
Dov Baron, Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Best Selling Author

Dr. Amy Freeth, Attending Physician, Endocrinology Specialist

Cynthia DavisExecutive Business Coach Founder & CEO of What’s Next Now

Kathy Bazinet, Author, Speaker, Coach

“…Only once you experience Accelerated Evolution in action will you realize the magic and power that it is…”
T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Bestselling author, International Speaker
“…I have high standards and higher expectations. Satyen Raja met them all…”
Peter Sage, Extreme Entrepreneur, World Class Speaker & Executive Coach
“…If you want to go way beyond financial success and achieve a state of true power, real freedom and emotional and spiritual equilibrium, then seek [Satyen] out…”
Raymond Aaron, Founder of the Raymond Aaron Group

Accelerated Evolution Allows You To Instantly Experience:


Studies show that meditation relaxes your muscles and declutters your mind. The result is total mind and body rejuvenation, and near immunity to stress and pressures of everyday life.



With Accelerated Evolution, you’ll experience refreshing, rejuvenating deep sleep. With this one simple change in your resting schedule, you’ll see immediate results.


Amplify your ability to tap into ideas and create new ones. By connecting thoughts from both your conscious and subconscious mind, OmHarmonics will help you unlock new ideas easier than ever before.


Effortlessly achieve laser-sharp focus and develop a goal-oriented mindset. In this state of mind, you can accomplish all your daily tasks in less time.


To date, 1,400+ studies confirm that meditation has a powerful impact on every aspect of a person, from lowering blood pressure, to strengthening the immune system.